Recent Scientific deployments:

VEX == Vema Fracture Zone Experiment (2001? - 2002?):

To be deployed: March 2001
To be recoverd: Spring 2002

WHOI prototype MP S/N 4
MMP S/N 101
MMP S/N 102
MMP S/N 103 

There will be a total of 4 Moored Profilers deployed in the Fracture Zone (a deep gap in the MidAtlantic Ridge near XXN to observe the flow of bottom water from west to east.

Weddell Sea (February 2001 - 2003?):

deployed Feb 23, 2001
same position as Weddell 1999-2000

MVP S/N 3 
CTD S/N 1405 
ACM S/N 1614 
SHELL Black 

Continuing the long time-series in the deep western boundary current of the Weddell Sea. This instrument programmed to carry out a 2-year mission: it will carry out two round trips from ~1900 m to ~300 m and back every 8th day.

SFTRE == Salt Finger Tracer Release Experiment (February 2001 - November 2001?):

Deployed February 18, 2001
position: 13 N, 55 W

EMCTD S/N 1314 
ACM S/N 1511
Shell Pink

This instrument is programmed to make three round trips between ~900 m and ~100 m every day beginning from the bottom at 0000, 0800 and 1600 Z. The system will observe the T, S and velocity structures of the thermohaline staircase for the period that Jim Ledwell's SF6 tracer will be dispersing and documenting the mixing intensity in the region.

MMP Hawaii Test (Jan 2001):

Deployed: 9 Jan 2001
Recovered: 13 Jan 2001
Position: 21 30.6 N, 158 28.998 W

MMP S/N 101
EMCTD S/N 1313 
ACM  ???? 

The MMP cycled continuously over the 3 1/2 day deployment (average profile time = 1.5 hours) and recovered 61 complete data profiles.

Weddell Sea (April 2000 - February 2001):

Deployed: 15 April 2000
Recovered: 21 February 2001
Position: 62 30.297S 43 18.033 W

MVP S/N 2 
CTD S/N 1378 
ACM ACM S/N 1512  

Continuing the time series of the Weddell deep western boundary current. This Profiler was programmed to make one round trip from ~1900 m to ~300 m and back every other day.

Labrador Sea (July 1999 - May 2000):

Deployed July 26, 1999
Recovered May 25, 2000
Position: 31 41.95 N 64 14.64 W

CTD 1406 
ACM 1511 

This instrument was loaned to colleagues at IfM Kiel, Germany and contributed to their long-term study of deep winter convection in the Labrador Sea. The system carried out one round trip from ~1600 m to ~100 m and back every other day for the duration of the deployment.

Weddell Sea (April 1999 - April 2000):

Deployed 4 April 1999
Recovered 11 April 2000
Position:62 30.242' S 43 17.717' W

CTD 1405 
ACM 1444 

In collaboration with investigators from LDEO, a moored array was deployed to measure the deep western boundary current along the Antarctic Peninsula in the Weddell Sea. This deployment constituted the first element of this long-term observing program. The MP mooring was deployed in 2000 m of water with the top floatation just above the top stop at 300 m depth and the bottom stop at 1979 m. The Profiler was programmed to make one round trip over this depth interval every other day. It successfully carried out this sampling.

TWIST == Turbulence and Waves above Irregular Sloping Topography (May - June 1998):

Deployed: May-June 1998
Recovered: June 4, 1998
Position: near 36 34N, 74 39W

CTD 1405 	CTD 1406	CTD 1350 
ACM 1512	ACM 1444	ACM 1511

Three Moored Profilers were deployed in this short-term process experiment to investigate internal waves above a rough section of continental slope off Virginia. All three were programmed to initiate round trips from the bottom (~1100 m) every 3rd hour (0000Z, 0300Z, 0600Z,...), travel up to the top mooring stop at ~100 m depth, and then return giving a profile every 90 minutes. The instruments were on station for 16-19 days.