Moored Water Profiling Apparatus

A moored, water profiling instrument has recently been developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with the support of the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the WHOI Director's Discretionary Fund. This site describes this new instrument, outlines its development, provides details of scientific deployments, and shows representative data.

The WHOI Moored Profiler has been designed to acquire at a fixed site, repeated, high-vertical-resolution, full-water-column profiles of ocean currents and water properties. Such data have traditionally been obtained from research ships. Being autonomous and self-propelled, the Moored Profiler allows long-term observations at high vertical- and temporal-resolution to be made at remote, inclement sites. This moored system, in combination with drifting, gliding and/or self-propelled profiling instruments, shows promise for effectively monitoring and examining future climatic ocean change.

The Woods Hole Moored Profiler program is under the direction of John Toole and Daniel Frye. Technical expertise for the development has been provided by Kenneth Doherty, Stephen Liberatore and Alan Hinton. Data processing and analysis efforts are aided by Gwyneth Packard, Margaret Cook and Ellyn Montgomery.


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