Moored Profilers in a shared-use instrument pool

The collection of Moored Profiler instruments at WHOI has been assembled into a shared-use instrument pool, coordinated through the Physical Oceanographic Observing Laboratory (POOL). The Profiler pool was initialized with 4 WHOI prototype instruments, acquired during the development program and a DURIP (Defense University Research Instrumentation Program) award. We are presently transitioning these systems from using the FSI MicroCTD to their new Excell MCTD (EMCTD) that uses about 1/10th the electrical power. In fall 2000, we initiated an acquisition of four new McLane Moored Profilers (each with a CTD and ACM) in support of two field programs being supported by the National Science Foundation. At that time a charter was drawn up placing these systems in the WHOI POOL and formalizing how users may gain access to the instrumentation (basically first-come, first- served). Proposals to add additional Moored Profiler instruments to the pool are now pending.

For information about the WHOI Physical Oceanographic Observations Laboratory, contact details for the POOL Coordinator and directions for requesting instrument access, please see

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