People who make the Ocean Mixing Group a success

Pictured above are members of the Ocean Mixing Group: (front row left to right) Ellyn Montgomery, Maggie Cook, Gwyneth Packard, Ray Schmitt, Francesco Paparella, (back row left to right) Dave Wellwood, John Toole, Kurt Polzin, and Lou St. Laurent.

These researchers have conducted studies of very small (centimeter to tens-of-meter) vertical scale mixing processes using the High Resolution Profiler (HRP) over the last decade. The work of the group is focused primarily on quantifying and describing mixing processed in the deep ocean and the effects of interaction of ocean currents and waves with the seafloor.

Toole, Packard and Cook also work on inter- and intra-basin transport issues using CTD data. Schmitt, Montgomery and Wellwood also examine watermass properties using S-PALACE float data, and test sensors that may be used to enhance the data quality from the floats.

The scientists in the group are listed below. (click on a name to display the cv) :
Ray Schmitt
John Toole
Kurt Polzin

Technical support is provided by :
Ellyn Montgomery
Gwyneth Packard
Dave Wellwood
Maggie Cook.

Francesco Paparella is now working at Scripps, Lou St. Laurent has started a post-doc with Chris Garrett at U. Victoria and Gwyneth Packard has moved on to work in private industry.

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