Warm Ring Inertial Critical Layer Experiment (WRINCLE)

The goal of this program was to investigate the rates and types of mixing associated with a Gulf Stream Warm Core Ring. During the 21 day cruise on the R/V Oceanus, 78 profiles to 1000m depth were completed in and around one warm core ring often in rather severe weather conditions (snow, sleet and rain).  The fine and micro-structure measurements were complemented with 26 CTD profiles, 55 eXpendable Current Profiler (XCP) profiles, a Richardson Number float deployment, and two eXpendable BathyThermograph (XBT) surveys to define the position of the ring.  The main feature of interest was elevated mixing associated with near-inertial waves trapped deep in the thermocline within the anticyclonic vorticity structure of the ring.

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