Mixing near an Isolated Seamount (TOPO)

This study was part of the major interdisciplinary research initiative to describe the physical and biological processes occurring near isolated abrupt topography. The Fieberling Guyot, a seamount located in the eastern North Pacific was the site for this program. We completed 97 profiles over and around the seamount on a 28 day cruise on the R/V New Horizon, with an additional 8 profiles done on the way back to San Diego.

The HRP dove to within 5 meters of the bottom to record mixing happening near the boundary. This was the first attempt to make the HRP sample that close to the bottom. A Datasonics 900-A acoustic altimeter had been incorporated into the HRP and was used to help make these close approaches. We did very well at getting to 10 meters off the bottom over the flat top of the seamount, but not as well over the irregular sloping  sides.

Publications using data from this experiment are:

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