Brazil Basin Tracer Release Experiment (BBTRE)- Year 2

When we reached the tracer injection area in March, 1997, fourteen months had passed since 114 Kg of tracer was deployed at 4000 meters depth along the flanks of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The primary purpose of the second trip to the area was to sample the tracer patch and map its dispersion over time. The HRP was used to make instantaneous estimates of turbulence and vertical dispersion at the sites where CTD stations and bottle samples were taken. The only HRP dives that don't have associated CTD and bottle data are those for an excursion on to the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comprised of dives 29-40. By the end of the cruise, within the accuracy of the sampling methods, all of the tracer injected had been accounted for.

The other goal of the experiment was to augment the measurements made on the previous cruise to obtain a more complete cross-basin section. The additional diffusivity estimates over the Mid Atlantic Ridge show even higher levels of mixing than were observed the previous year.   The estimates of mixing based on the tracer dispersion generally agreed with the levels of mixing obtained from the HRP data, and were much higher than obtained in the NATRE project (by two orders of magnitude!)

Publications resulting from this experiment are:

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