Description of the HRP and how it is typically used at sea

The High Resolution Profiler (HRP- (shown above, viewed from the top)) was designed and fabricated at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the mid 1980's. The concept of building an instrument equipped especially for exploring the deep ocean, came from Ray Schmitt and John Toole. Engineers Dick Koehler, Ken Doherty, and Ed Mellinger made the concept a reality. The HRP has been used in eight large experimental programs- a time history shows the development and testing phase, as well as when the experiments and major changes to the instrument occurred.

hrp sensors

The photo at the left shows the sensors mounted at the bottom end of the HRP. A description of the HRP, its components and its sensors provides details about the instrument and how it works. A schematic of the sensors and their placement in the hood is also in the description.

A typical HRP dive follows a sequence like the one shown in these pictures- a more complete verbal description follows.

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